For traders

FX Aggregator (SmartFX) (hereafter “the Program”) before everything else is designed to be used in a Bank or a Financial Corporation. The more liquidity providers there are the more effective the Program provides to the user experience.

This circumstance slightly limits the usage of the Program by a private client or a broker dealer, but this article is dedicated especially to such users. In terminology of the Program such class of users is called “client”.  It is a client that sends a request to make a deal in the Program , which is called an “order”. After a client sets up an order the Program analyzes its configurations, and once they match the market conditions the order will be done.

Such scheme guarantees an objective estimation of the market conjunction and excludes the cases of abuse of the market prices by a broker, and grants the opportunity for both sides to reach out for the authentic market log data to avoid any misunderstanding. An actual (in contrast to virtual price) in our opinion is a price of a real executed deal. This approach of the Program is what makes it different from the other “virtual machines”, which we are not willing to call here by their names, they are well known for everyone.

When choosing a broker we recommend considering only those organizations that are using our program to work on the Forex. As you see the mail rule of the program is an authenticity of the market and stream processing speed. Convenient client terminal of the Program includes all the necessary elements to organize your trading process. Variable types of orders and strategies are providing a nice addition to a swift workflow. The most important thing for a many of nowadays traders – is a comfortable interface, a way to implement their “robot”, speaking simply.  Sure enough it is a FIX protocol. The processing speed of the trade entries of a “robot” shows some fight to a speed it generates these entries.

Good luck. And choose your broker well.