Bridge Aggregator-MT5

Many clients find it difficult to shift from familiar trading techniques, but that is not the reason to put FX Aggregator (SmartFX) benefits away. Our engineers developed Aggregator-MT5 Bridge, which allows clients to trade with FX Aggregator (SmartFX) system using familiar MetaTrader5 platform. That gives a number of opportunities to providing Benks and their clients:

  • Access to aggregated liquidity — using FX Aggregator (SmartFX) you can aggregate liquidity from multiple providers to transfer best bid/offer to MT5
  • Real-Time hedging of client deals using FX Aggregator (SmartFX) opportunities allows to reduce risks from using aggressive auto trading of Expert Advisers
  • Fastest execution — MT5 Bridge doesn't increase latency when transferring deals from MT5 to liquidity providers
  • Partial execution — MT5 Bridge can easily handle partial execution of orders for better and high-quality execution